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Our Vision

Our vision is simple; create a home buying experience that leaves you with a vision of what home buying should be

Who We Are

We are a team of individuals from various backgrounds with at least one thing in common; understanding that vision above :) 

Until Then

This is just the beginning with more to come.  Feel free to check back from time to time and until then, good luck on the home buying journey. . . It can be a doozy 

About Us
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Education is essential and we are here to explain and help you along the way.  Everything about this industry seems to be full of mystery when it really shouldn't be.  If you decide to call us, we will show you why

Driving Purpose

The mortgage industry has proven itself to be somewhat of an untrustworthy environment.  It's a sales industry full of car salesmen trying to convince you what they provide is different than the lot across the street

What We Offer

Simplistic Responsibility

Give us a call and we'll answer.  Ask us a question and we'll answer and tell you why.  This process doesn't have to be difficult, though there are those who seem to try


Our responsibility is to you, the consumer who is trying to navigate the landscape of home financing

Societal Change

There's more to life than meets the eye.  For every  loan, we'll donate $100 to the One Tree Planted organization, a nonprofit focused on global reforestation.  This isn't necessarily a reason to work with us, but perhaps it is a reason to think about what is important to you and what is important to the companies you chose to work with

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Final Thought

The reality of all of this, is we are trying to make a difference in homeownership, one loan at a time.  This company is defined by an idea of simplicity with integrity.  Life doesn't have to be hard and neither does getting a home loan

Finding one’s purpose in life can be a challenge.  It isn’t a gift that is presented to you.  You discover it when you are most lost and unwrap it over the course of time

The purpose of Great Start Mortgage is to help encourage the necessary change the mortgage industry is looking for

And why the trees?  Because regardless of what you believe, you can’t deny that breathing fresh, clean air is a great thing

Why Us
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Our Address

500 N Rainbow Ste 300-338, 

Las Vegas, NV 89107

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